Rebediani Scaccabarozzi Landscapes
Via Marco Aurelio 21, Milano
Piazza Sant'Ambrogio 1, Faggeto Lario, Como

T +39 031 4134093
M +39 347 2505847

RSL is a landscape architecture practice founded in 2018 by Lorenzo Rebediani and Vera Scaccabarozzi. The studio works on the complex entanglement of the processes that define a landscape. Their gardens aim to be living systems capable of growing and evolving with the people who live with them. Their projects range from private gardens, community environments, experimental cultural projects, to museum landscapes.

From 2020 RSL has a second venue in Faggeto Lario, a small village on Lake Como in close contact with the landscape. Here, along with Sofia Pia Belenky, they founded tònos, a cultural research organization whose main activities are research-actions in peripheral rural villages.

Current Collaborators

Gabriele Celesti, Elias Duvner, Ishaani Shah.

Past Collaborators

Ding Yingyi, Lorenzo Lanfrit, Luca Monaco, Sara Barbini, Giacomo Gavazzi, Hong Chao, Laura Cavelli, Luca Baldazzi, Caterina Spadoni, Celia Cardona Cava, Maria Piera Fidanza, Samyukta Ganesh, Elena Grilli, Sofia Clementina Hosszfalussy, Erika Landro, Rory John McGuire, Simone Setzi, Denis Tantsyura.


‘Flowing Gardens’, Paesaggi d’acqua, Progetto_paesaggio, Trentino School of Management, 2023

Guest Critics at VG13 Atelier, Hochschule di Biberach an der Riß, Germany, 2023

Guest Critics at Atelier Juacaba, Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio, Switzerland, 2022

‘Call it the mark of care – v2’ Paragrafi, Architecture department, Università degli Studi di Napoli “Federico II”, 2022

‘Call it the mark of care’, Montagsreihe, Fakultät für Architektur, Technische Universität München, Germany, 2022

'Un-defining Gardens', Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio, guests of Prof. Francesca Torzo, 2020

'The Blue Lizard, an Archipelago of Mediterranean Stories', AA Summer School 'The Possibility of an Island', Chianti, 2020

'About Gardens', Politecnico di Milano, guests of Prof. Nina Bassoli, 2020

'Abitare il Confine', Museo del Paesaggio di Verbania, 2019


The State of the Art of Architecture, Triennale di Milano, curated by Joseph Grima, 2020

The Stone Broth, a dinner performance and Coiling Cyanotypes with Algae Geographies by Atelier Luma, presented at Broken Nature, the XXIIth Triennale di Milano curated by Paola Antonelli, 2019

Filling the Absence with Yona Friedman and Peter Fend, curated by Emanuele Canziani and Andrea Piccardo. Group exhibition at Pinksummer Contemporary Art Gallery, Genova, 2019


Kingdom of Bahrain pavillion – Expo Osaka 2025
Location: Osaka JP
Program: 900 sqm
Clienti: Kingdom of Bahrain
Architecture: Christ & Gantenbein, Basel CH - KIAS, Tokyo JP (local architect)
Interior, Scenography and Curatorial Design: Matilde Cassani Studio, Milano IT
Structural Engineer: Conzett Bronzini and partners, Chur CH

International design competition for the restoration and redevelopment of Cavallerizza Reale in Turin
Location: Torino IT
Program: 20.000 sqm
Client: Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo
Architecture: Architecten Jan de Vylder Inge Vinck, Ghent BE - Oasi Architects, Busto Arsizio IT - AMArchitecture, Milano IT

Design competition for an auditorium and public gardens in the area of the former Amicucci paper mill
Second Prize
Location: Tivoli IT
Program: 6.000 sqm
Client: Municipality of Tivoli, Italy
Architecture: Ganko Office for Architecture, Milano – Supervoid Architecture, Roma

Garden and landscape design of a primary school
First prize
Location: Parma IT
Program: 6.500 sqm
Client: Fondazione 23 Marzo
Architecture: Enrico Molteni Architecture, Milano

2020 – ongoing
Nursing Home Panorama
First prize
Location: Lovere, Iseo Lake IT
Program: 2.500 sqm + outdoor 3.000 sqm
Client: Onlus fondazione Beppina, Filippo Martinoli
Architecture: Laboratorio Permanente, Milano

Main Collaborations

Francesca Torzo Architetto, Genova IT
David Chipperfield Architects, Milano IT
Architecten Jan de Vylder Inge Vinck, Ghent BE
Christ & Gantenbein, Basel CH
Plan Común, Paris FR
Oasi Architects, Busto Arsizio IT
AMArchitecture, Milano IT
Supervoid Architects, Roma IT
Ganko office for Architecture, Milano IT
Enrico Dusi Studio, Venezia IT
Laboratorio Permanente, Milano IT
Enrico Molteni Architects, Milano IT
Alberto Izzo & Partners, Napoli IT
VG13 Architects, Milano IT
Space Caviar, Milano IT
Baukuh, Milano IT
Batline Architecture, Brussels BE
Salottobuono, Milano IT
Studio Utte, Milano IT

Selected works

2023 – ongoing
Collective park and private gardens
Location: Werningerode DE
Program: 3.000 sqm
Client: private
Architecture: Practice+, Bassano del Grappa

2022 – ongoing
Project for a mediterranean garden and productive landscape in Pantelleria
Location: Pantelleria IT
Program: 3 ha
Client: private

2021 – ongoing
Garden design of the Hotel ‘Villa Certosa’ in Capri
Location: Capri, IT
Program: 600 sqm
Client: private
Architecture: Alberto Izzo & Partners, Napoli

2021 – ongoing
Garden and landscape design of residential building ‘Villa di Plinio’
Location: Celle Ligure IT
Program: 16.000 sqm + oudtoor 3 hectares
Client: Punta dell’Olmo S.p.a
Architecture: Francesca Torzo, Genova

2021 – ongoing
Garden and landscape design of bathhouse and restaurant ‘Bagni Olmo’
Location: Varazze IT
Program: 2.300 sqm + oudtoor 2.800 sqm
Client: Punta dell’Olmo S.p.a
Architecture: Francesca Torzo, Genova

2021 – ongoing
Project for a mediterranean garden and productive landscape in Val di Noto
Location: Noto, Sicily IT
Program: 30 ha
Client: private
Architecture: Batline Architecture, Bruxelles BE

2021 – ongoing
Landscape design and coastal restoration of the saracen watchtower ‘Torre Chianca’
Location: Lecce IT
Program: 4.500 sqm
Client: Municipality of Lecce
Architecture: Matteo Ghidoni, Milano and Enrico Dusi, Venezia

2020 – ongoing
Frédéric de Goldschmidt-Rothschild Art Building - Cloud 7
Location: Bruxelles BE
Program: 2000 sqm
Client: private
Architecture: Batline Architecture, Bruxelles BE

2020 – ongoing
Garden on the cliff
Location: Sorrento IT
Program: 1.5000 sqm
Client: private
Architecture: Architetti Artigiani Anonimi, Milano

2020 – ongoing
Landscape design and restoration of historic garden of Villa Nuccorini
A 16th century villa with its gardens, farmland, vineyard and woodland has been restored and together with it the entire surrounding productive landscape.
Location: Lucca IT
Program: 6 hectares
Client: private

2020 - built
Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Art Park
Location: Guarene IT
Program: 8.000 sqm
Client: Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo

2019 – built
Garden design of the Wing 19 of Z33 House for Contemporary Art
Location: Hasselt BE
Program: 6.000 sqm
Client: Z33 House for Contemporary Art
Architecture: Francesca Torzo, Genova
*EUMies Award 2022 shortlisted

2019 - unbuilt
Landscape design of the Brescia Natural Science Museum
Location: Brescia IT
Program: 7.000 sqm
Client: Municipality of Brescia
Architecture: Studio Associates, Brescia, Italy

2014 - built
Landscape design and ethnobotanical research for the Paul Thorel farm
Location: Panarea, Aeolian Islands IT
Program: 5 hectares
Client: Private